Who we are?

Manuel Santiago Maya ” Manolete ” has created the International Center for Flamenco  with a resounding idea;  impeccable work performed by flamenco and dance in general , with the clear intention of creating smaller quarry and perfect the already undertaken in this area.

Quienes Somos

The International Centre of Flamenco Manolete was created in 2009 with the help of the City of Granada who gave the Chumbera to become the headquarters of the school. Since its inception, the center has offered continuing education of flamenco dance at all levels during the academic year and a schedule of special courses have been taught by leading professionals in the world of flamenco among which we highlight Manuela Carrasco, Farruquito , El Guito , Isabel Bayon, Juana Amaya, Pastora Galván, Manuel Reyes, Antonio ” El Pipa ” , Juan Ramirez, Manuel Linan and Carmela Greco.

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As full training in flamenco dance school available to the students studying other dance styles such as classical dance with Ángel Gil teacher and Hindu dance teacher Lida Alegría.

Chumbera School Flamenco Shows

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